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How To Not Let Anxiety Cut Your Profits Short In Forex

A typical error many traders fall for is cutting their profits short while letting their losses run. The explanation behind this so common occurrence is simple: when losing, we hope that the market will reverse and we will then be able to make back the loss. When profiting, we get ...

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Mindful Breathing Infographic

Inforgraphic-Mindful Breathing & Trading

  The Infographic below presents a simple exercise in mindful breathing. Mindful breathing can be a great practice for strengthening our skill for mindful awareness and gaining a powerful insight on how we can handle our difficult emotions in trading.

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How Mindful Breathing Can Transform Your Trading

How mindful breathing can transform your trading

In trading, we often experience strong emotions that disorient us and impact our decisions. As we mentioned in previous articles, all the traditional methods that people use to avoid and eliminate difficult emotions do not work. This is  because we fail to understand the way our mind works. Our mind does ...

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