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Forex Trading Psychology

Articles about the psychological aspect of forex trading.

How Mindful Breathing Can Transform Your Trading

How mindful breathing can transform your trading

In trading, we often experience strong emotions that disorient us and impact our decisions. As we mentioned in previous articles, all the traditional methods that people use to avoid and eliminate difficult emotions do not work. This is  because we fail to understand the way our mind works. Our mind does ...

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The True Identity Of The Currency Market

The true identity of the currency market

If you have been reading books and educational material on trading, you may have come across Dr. Alexander Elder’s book “The New Trading For a Living”. In a captivating second part of the book, he talks about mass psychology and poses the question “What is the market?”  Uncovering the identity of ...

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Can You Really Make Money in Forex?

A lot of people wonder if money making in Forex is a viable goal.  I know that I have wondered that myself multiple times especially in the beginning, when I first started trading and later, when I  had a series of losses. I now think of this question as entirely pointless. To be frank, ...

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