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Mindyourtrade.com is the first website dedicated to trading psychology specifically for the Forex market .

Our aims are

  • To shed light onto the ways that our human mind interferes with our trading decisions and performance
  • To help our readers understand the correlation among thoughts, emotions, body and behavior and how this is connected to everything we do, including trading
  • To present new trading practices that will enable us to trade without being swayed by our emotions
  • To inspire traders to clarify their values, goals and actions that they must take in order to becomse fulfilled investors
  • To introduce and gradually go deeper into the notion of Mindfulness in trading as an outstanding tool for emotional management
  • To offer market sentiment analyses for specific trading pairs
  • To blog about our personal experiences and psychology while trading based on the high probability analysis that we will post on the site weekly.


Website Structure

In our static information section, you will read about the four components of psychological processes in trading.

MIND- Our thoughts, memories, judgements, evaluations and biases and how the interfere with our trading choices.

BODY- The physical side of our emotional manifestations and the way our body’s chemistry impacts trading and decision making.

EMOTION- The emotions that we experience in trading or independently but still affect our trading(e.g anxiety, regret, hope).

BEHAVIOUR– The actions(trading decisions) we take and how those are closely related to the above three components.

MINDFULNESS- What is mindfulness how it can help with trading


Who’s writing

Maria Meramveliotaki-Simon

maria meramveliotaki simonI am a psychologist and psychotherapist with more than 10 years experience in providing therapeutic services and almost 6 years experience in trading Forex. Living in Limassol, Cyprus which is home to more than 100 forex and binary options brokers, I  am often involved in conversations about trading. People like talking about the importance of  a trading plan as well as the importance of a trader’s psychology. There are plenty of online articles about how we must manage our emotions in order to succeed.A  lot of these articles do not offer advice that would really help traders because they focus on trying to control or eliminate emotions. But as modern psychological research suggests, struggling to control emotions is the very problem in life and therefore in trading. All the existing misconceptions about trading psychology have inspired me to write my views on what would help traders to trade most effectively. These views are strongly influenced by Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), a powerful therapeutic approach that combines acceptance,mindfulness and behaviour change strategies . I truly aspire to assist traders in mastering their psychology and increasing their trading performance.


Kenny Simon

Kenny Simon-FX GeometryI am a forex trainer and trader who has been involved in the FX arena for the past 8 years. I have conducted educational courses/tutorials, online webinars as well as on-site seminars/workshops as part of the strategic business development or expansion plan for various global markets. I use geometric patterns and geopolitics as the main tools of my trading methodology and market analysis.  My articles and analysis have been published in major industry-related websites such as seekingalpha.com, talkmarkets.com, fxstreet.com etc.