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Why You Fail To Control Your Emotions In Trading

Going back to everything you have heard about emotional control in trading, would you say that you have managed to prevent emotions affecting your trading? Most online material and common sense tells us that we should try to get rid of our emotional side and be objective, efficient traders. Although it may sound like a good idea, there is a fundamental problem with it. As explained in detail in our Emotional Control post, it is really impossible for humans to control their thoughts and emotions and even more impossible to eliminate them. So if we are struggling with the impossible, then we are bound to fail. Instead of trying to control, avoid and eliminate, we can just try to engage into a different response towards our emotions.

If for example, market moves caused you to experience anxiety, it is likely that you will try to minimize risk and close your trades, so that you don’t feel anxious anymore. You may forget about your trading plan and just focus on controlling anxiety. This internal process, is so automatic that you do not even realise how it happens.  The need for anxiety avoidance led you to not follow the plan. You traded in order NOT to feel anxious. But what if you just didn’t bother about feeling anxious and let anxiety occupy its space while doing what you are supposed to do?

The Infographic below, explains the common misconceptions about emotional control and presents an alternative response of how emotions and trading can be brought together.


Why do you fail to control your emotions in trading

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