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No Level of Education can make you Successful in Trading

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The Cost of Blind Trading is very High.

People thats are new to trading tend to lose money consistently and heavely. I believe in statistics, and that is simply a true statistic. After coaching hundreds of Traders I know why, and I will explain in a minute.

Once people decide that trading is difficult than they first imagine, they tend to get an trading education. After that education, they become even more consistent at losing money and sometimes even lose it at a faster pace than ever.

The bottom line is this. Your education in trading will not guarantee success. The only guarantee is that you will never be one of those who succeed if you don’t first get an excellent foundation by understanding human emotions and trading strategies that work in your tradable instrument.

The truth of it is the actual technical analysis knowledge you need to make money in the market can be learned by a fifth grader.It’s absolutely true, and most successful traders will agree with me. So, What's the issue then?

The issue comes down to how people handle the winners and losers. Their Trading Plan, confidence and their discipline.

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1-1 Live Session For Two Days

This is where you get to have a live session with me for two days during Live Market Hours(2 hours/Day) and I evaluate your trading plan, your daily trading routine, your preparation for the trading session, your trading mind and expectations and much more...

1 hour blocks of Coaching Based on your Specific Trading Needs

This is your time to accomplish what you need to improve, on your long-term and short-term trading goals. I suggest you email your goals and information before the session to make it as successfull as possible.

Looking for Long-Term Private Coaching

I have clients that I've been working with for more than 8+ years now. These are clients who wants me to be part of their trading team as they progress in their career. I usually have 1-2 new spots like this available each year. Email me to custom tailor a trading program for you. Financial terms to be discussed.

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